The OBS Automotive Customer Services structure offers high quality, reliable services that are flexible enough to fit in with any customer’s requirements. Our dedicated technicians & service advisers are all Certified Professionals, and highly qualified in automotive industry. 

OBS Automotive operates an Expert Support Program with multiple phone line service to ensure full coverage and resource availability. If you need technical support, please visit our contact us to get more information. 

We are fully aware that your main focus is to remain in pole position and become the leader, but in order to reach this goal you must have a team of experts that accompanies you. We offer you highly qualified and skilled experts that dedicate their time to assist you and provide the best services possible. You won’t find a team that performs better than ours.

OBS Automotive will remain the leading company on the market in the upcoming years due to the fact that that since the company has been established we have built a strong relationship with OEM and strategic suppliers around the world and have direct access to them.

We know how the mainstream automobile industry operates and we can assure you that our strategic partners will assist you in your endeavors. We can offer fast-moving items straight away, and we can also provide bespoke items and service options to our clients, guaranteeing high margins and fulfillment to the end user.