Cleaning Cycle

1 Heated R-2000 Engine Flush solution is pumped through the oil filter port at 42 PSI.

2 R-2000 Engine Flush solution flows through the engine's lubrication system dissolving sludge and varnish.

3 R-2000 Engine Flush solution backflushes the oil pump pickup screen. Dissolved sludge, varnish and debris flow to the oil pan where it is vacuum extracted to the BILSTEIN R-2000 Engine Flush Machine. Particulates over 3 microns are removed through three stages of ultra-fine filtration.

The OBS Engine Flush System is a revolutionary new service for automotive, marine and heavy duty engines.

The OBS  internal engine cleaning cycle consists of 6 phases. During the first phase, Flush I, the unit injects, dissolves, backflushes, and extracts the cleaning solution and contaminants. This cycle takes three minutes.

As you can see from the flow diagram, cleaning solution is injected into the oil filter port and the cleaning solution flows through the oil galleys, main bearings, crankshaft, and through the valve train.

At the same time the solution backflushes the oil pump and pickup screen.

During the second phase, Soak I, approximately 6 quarts of solution is left in the engine to soak and dissolve contaminants in areas such as the oil pickup screen and the oil pan. This takes 30 seconds.

During the third phase, Recover I, the cleaning solution and dissolved contaminants are extracted from the engine and filtered through the Bilstein R-2000 filters, both 3 and 5 micron. This takes one minute.

During the fourth phase, Flush II, the cleaning cycle is repeated a second time for maximum cleaning effectiveness. The fifth phase consists of a repeat of Soak I.

During the sixth phase, Recover II, the machine injects air into the oil filter port to remove any excess solution left in the oil galleys and bearings, and recovers any solution and contaminants remaining in the engine. On average, about 12 ounces of the Bilstein Solution remains in the engine after the flush service is completed. This solution will mix readily with either conventional or synthetic motor oil.

Do not Flush these Engines

The OBS Engine Flush Service should not be performed on the following vehicles:

Horizontal or opposed engines such as:

Porsche 911, 912, and 914
Volkswagon Type 1 and Vanagon
Subaru with Pancake Motor
Chevrolet Corvair

1. All Rotary Engines such as Mazda RX-7

2. All Dry Sump Motors such as Mercedes 6.9 (1975-1979)

3. All Ford Power Stroke Diesels