Revive Plus Engine Protector is a premium blend of lubricants and additives specifically designed to increase engine life by reducing oil consumption and engine wear. Using

Revive Plus Engine Protector:

•Extend the life of all moving engine parts.

•Reduce engine noise, quiet valves, rings & noisy lifters.

•Maintain & fortify engine oil viscosity.

•Increase horsepower.

•Help stop burning oil.

•Improve compression.

•Resist motor oil breakdown under heat & pressure.

•Prevent oil oxidation & bearing wear.

•Stop oil from getting into combustion chamber by sealing spaces between valves and guides and between piston rings and cylinder walls.

This product is compatible with all engine oils including synthetic and is ideal for use in both gasoline and diesel engines.


Warm engine to operating temperature. Add entire contents to crankcase with every oil change. Add one can when oil is added between oil changes. One can treats 5 quarts (4.73 L) of oil.